Himara town is marked by its wide pedestrian promenade home to several pizzerias, sea food restaurants, creperies, cafés and other restaurants. You will also find local amenities e.g. ATMs and grocery stores within the town.

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The coastline of Himara has a number of beaches. The closest beach is a five minute walk and located directly at the main town in front the promenade. For guests who are happy to walk a little further Himara offers other beaches.

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Shopping, ATMs and more

The closest grocery stores are right up the main street in either dir­ection. They offer fresh vegetables, staples, beverages and some toiletries. You will find ATMs at the main street and at the promenade. Pharmacies, hair dressers and service providers are also located in the center.

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Livadhi Beach

After being to Himaras main beaches this is the first beach you should visit during your stay in our hostel. The narrow and rough paths along the coastline take you directly to Livadhi within only 30 minutes of walking. Various restaur­ants and bars are awaiting you with comfy desk chairs and cool drinks.

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Aquarium Beach

Probably the smallest beach on the Albanian Riviera. Since it is located between the two main beaches Livadhi and Jale and only accessible by foot, Aquarium Beach is and will hopefully remain a quiet paradise for locals and peaceful foreigners. It is a 60 minutes walk from Himara.

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Gjipe Beach

If you are up for some adventure, take the speed boat departing directly from Himaras promenade and go to Gjipe Beach. On the way there you might pass some other small beaches that are only access­ible by water. Ask our staff about organizing the trip.

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