Demanding bike trip to Himara's military peninsula

One September afternoon we decided to go for an adventure around Himara. There have been rumours about untouched beaches and mysterious bunkers on a peninsula a bit South of Himara, so we rented two mountain bikes at the Hostel and went for a ride into the sunset.

We were told to take a lot of water and some food for the way, since the road along the coast and also the dirt roads we would encounter on the peninsula offer some long climbs. Thus on the way out of town, we got some beers and some snacks to fuel our ride. When we reached the beginning of the peninsula after half an hour, we already wished to have taken some more.

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Good to know

How can I get from Himara to the military peninsula?

You can get to the road-side parking at the peninsula by bike, car or bus. From there, the demanding dirt road around the peninsula only allows for mountain bikes, 4-by-4s and hikers.

Is there food and water on the way?

No. We recommend packing enough food and water for the day.

Is it allowed to enter the peninsula and its beaches?

Most of the peninsula is public property, but there are parts which are privately owned or militarily used. Due to the situation changing frequently in Albania, we refrain from legal advice and simply recommend you to follow your feeling.

While the ride along the coastal road was physically exhausting, the ride down the dirt road was the real adventure. The dirt road was in real bad shape, with a lot of deep holes created by cars that got stuck on the hill. Even for a four-by-four vehicle this street must be a real challenge. However, we were rewarded with a beautiful beach with only few people.

We chose the beach to be our main base for the evening, but this did not stop us from exploring the rest of the peninsula. On the Western side, we found the collosal gates protecting the entrance to a submarine bunker which cuts one kilometer through the peninsula all the way to the Porto Palermo military base. While the military base on the other side is still in use, the bunker is not. After exploring for a bit, we took our bikes and followed the dirt road around the peninula, where we discovered some smaller beaches and a complex bunker system which is apparently also used as a shelter by local goat herds.

The sheer amount and the complexity of bunkers on this peninsula is simply stunning. Back at our base, we went into the wild waves hitting the coast and simply enjoyed the sunset behind Himara.

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